Labuschagne goes large in Shield final epic | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2020-21
Against a star-studded NSW attack, Marnus Labuschagne posted his fourth hundred of the Marsh Sheffield Shield season to put Queensland in complete control of the final, finally out on day three for 192 of 353 balls including 21 fours.

  • Pranesh R
    Pranesh R


  • Swapnonil Sikdar
    Swapnonil Sikdar

    Great batsman.

  • Humblefool Harsh
    Humblefool Harsh

    He deserves to be in ipl

  • rakhi jaman
    rakhi jaman


  • Dharumanyo

    I wish the commentators would just call him a batsman. Batter is for fish.

  • Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy

    Well done to the Deliverance banjo player for his 192

  • Muhammad. Husnain
    Muhammad. Husnain

    His reverse sweep reminds me of AB de Villiers reverse sweep in the beautiful century in Australia.

  • David O'Sullivan
    David O'Sullivan

    @2:42.... poetry in motion c/f with Keystones Cops stuff @1:39

  • Gayatri P
    Gayatri P

    Great man

  • Mark Samuel
    Mark Samuel

    Where’s (no run) by marnus in this match?

  • Birkaran Singh gill
    Birkaran Singh gill

    Fourth hundred this season 👏👏👏👏

  • Roshan Vanmali
    Roshan Vanmali

    I don't think he is that good to play in for Australia test side. Cric Aus should invest in far more aggressive better player than him. Just as they did with Warner. Looking at his batting stance and ball striking ability doesn't seem promising.

    • David O'Sullivan
      David O'Sullivan

      I assume you are being sarcastic and having a bit of a dig at Warner, and the ACB as well, right ?

  • Jodie Ward
    Jodie Ward

    My favourite player and he is pure class

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari

    He's the future #1 test batsman in the world.

  • Shorya partap Singh Rajput
    Shorya partap Singh Rajput

    Beautiful and classic in English from my favourite Australian batsman and cricketer

  • Chandan Kumar XII B 26
    Chandan Kumar XII B 26

    A delightful innings

  • SFA-04 FYBsc shubham Mahadeshwar
    SFA-04 FYBsc shubham Mahadeshwar

    He is more compact than Babar Azam and certainly freaking good test batter

  • Shantilal Chopra
    Shantilal Chopra

    Josh Hazlewood should play IPL.Not domestic. He is a world class player

  • monu tiwari
    monu tiwari

    1:40 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I love my Bangladesh
      I love my Bangladesh

      @monu tiwari do you like Bangladesh?

    • monu tiwari
      monu tiwari

      And 3:13 too😂

  • Naeem Shahzad
    Naeem Shahzad

    Now He is A Super 🌟 in Australian Team 🌟

  • JMBeer434

    What a player

  • Prashant Shandilya
    Prashant Shandilya


  • Praveen K
    Praveen K

    This guy's batting is an art 👌🏽👏🏽👍🏽

  • Sahil

    90% Indian comments 😂😂

  • Ravish Chandra
    Ravish Chandra

    Sean abott is So 👍


    National level

  • Suresh Patel
    Suresh Patel

    Only a 3 second difference between Marnus' 192 highlights and Day 2's highlights

  • Aatif 457
    Aatif 457

    Run machine.

  • ali sher
    ali sher

    He is such a great player 💯💯💯

  • Sports Gossips
    Sports Gossips

    Labuschagne is a pure class. Pleasant to watch ❣️

  • T Ro
    T Ro

    I’m going there tomorrow

    • Noah Alex
      Noah Alex

      U lucky


    .......Any school and college students here......্

  • Nityanand Tripathi
    Nityanand Tripathi

    Nsw pagal hai kya mera team hai magar pagal lo Jai se khel raha hai

  • Virot Coolie
    Virot Coolie

    I liked that Gabba test of AUS vs Ind It did give aus some paine😂

  • sri kanth I
    sri kanth I

    I was hoping to hear "no run"

  • shikhar govil
    shikhar govil

    really impressed by the way marnus has just kept getting better and better. when he came into the team, then there was a huge criticism that days are so bad for aus that a player whose first class average is about 30 is getting a place in team, and to be quite honest the start was not good at all, but thanks to jofra for getting smith out from concussion, from thereon marnus has showed how much he has improved. and now he is the leading scorer for his domestic team as well.

  • Royal Boy
    Royal Boy

    Don't play it's embarrassment to lose twice at home against India you guys can never beat India in test series

    • Hardik Gupta
      Hardik Gupta

      @Royal Boy Rahul boy first of all you are indian, bcoz such kind of comment can only be expected from indians ( I am indian too) and it's such a big thing for india to beat Aus 😂😂, get over with it, you gonna talk about this your entire life?

    • cd n
      cd n

      @Royal Boy You should have read the media, win against them proves plenty of things: 1. There's nothing wrong with Australia 2. It's Australia number 1 trophy in test

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      @cd n yeah man that quota is ruining south africa cricket

    • cd n
      cd n

      @Royal Boy I didn’t understand why. We’re trying to get him back but the board doesn’t seems to attempt to do it. And de Kock did okay in the white ball series, why changed that to Bavuma? Must have been quota because South Africa never have a coloured captain before.

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      @cd n de Villiers might comeback and de kock was good captain shouldn't have removed him from captaincy

  • Mayur Yadav
    Mayur Yadav

    Australia's future Caption in test

  • Simon Bole
    Simon Bole

    He’s Australia’s important player by far, certainly the future, and currently our best batsman. Without him we’re pretty stuffed.


      @Floodwatersno Tim Paine 😄😄

    • Floodwaters

      @Real Crunchy He said "currently".. Smith has been out of form past 12 months. Marnus 2020/21 - 5 Tests 2x 100's 3x 50's HS 215 avg 70.00, Smith 2020/21 - 5 Tests 1x 100 2x 50's HS 131 - avg 47.00. But I disagree, I think Pat Cummins is our most important player.

    • Shehzad Latif
      Shehzad Latif

      Simon Bole are you an Aussie?

    • Real Crunchy
      Real Crunchy

      S Smith says hello

  • Arijit Bagchi
    Arijit Bagchi



    After going through comment section ,I can say that Indians are everywhere✌🏽

    • Mr C Fan
      Mr C Fan

      Because we indians love cricket. Cricket is my life

  • Dhyan Raj
    Dhyan Raj


  • krishna gk trick
    krishna gk trick

    lubhuscane is really awesome

  • TheMaster755


  • Chandan Chandan mandavi
    Chandan Chandan mandavi

    The future of Australian cricket 🙂

    • Brahmdeo Prasad Mandal
      Brahmdeo Prasad Mandal

      He is present also

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    What a player! Just started his career & already became almost unstoppable in scoring runs. That was an innings of masterclass 👌👏

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      @Nicholas James He comments useless, and horrible comments. Doesn't even know proper information

    • Nicholas James
      Nicholas James

      Yeah he’s 26

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      Started his first class career way long back.

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger

    Marnus is awesome india loves him

  • Sudeep J
    Sudeep J

    Pure Class 🔥😘

    • Will The Society Accept Me ?
      Will The Society Accept Me ?

      @Vijay Mallya lol

    • Swapnonil Sikdar
      Swapnonil Sikdar

      @Ahmed Ayaat okk thanks.

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      @Swapnonil Sikdar no, i wont

    • Swapnonil Sikdar
      Swapnonil Sikdar

      @Ahmed Ayaat please subscribe sublimez g

    • Ravi Shukla
      Ravi Shukla

      @Ahmed Ayaat disappointed with New South Wale's performance in the Shield finals? Top class batting from Labuschagne

  • jhon stark
    jhon stark


    • Ushnik Putatunda
      Ushnik Putatunda

      @Ando’s Railway 😂

    • Ando’s Railway
      Ando’s Railway

      If they are so good? Then why David Warner scored a triple century against you guys?

    • Ushnik Putatunda
      Ushnik Putatunda


    • Ravi Shukla
      Ravi Shukla

      Beat Zimbabwe comfortably first is what I would say

    • Tracy fearn
      Tracy fearn

      Ok that is stupid to say they are the best team in the world what about India New Zealand England Australia they are all better than Pakistan

  • Arjun Mishra
    Arjun Mishra

    Marnus is a treat to watch

  • Kaushik Shah
    Kaushik Shah

    Came here only for Marnus.

  • V T
    V T

    9 jersey number marnus 2:37 caught by 9 jersey number fielder 5:22 after batting for 9.5 hours 5:29

    • Thejuskb Mankara
      Thejuskb Mankara

      Also he is batted for 9 hours

    • The Ali Family London
      The Ali Family London


  • Dhanjiv Kumar Yadav
    Dhanjiv Kumar Yadav


  • Prince Yadav
    Prince Yadav

    Class player

  • Mohammad Fahad
    Mohammad Fahad

    Hey Marnaus You beauty . 😍😍


    2 min silence for Vivek sir 😭

    • kedar p
      kedar p


    • Ravi Shukla
      Ravi Shukla

      Why do you have to bring it up here??? We're all here to watch the video while idiots like you just begging for likes

    • Sai Balne
      Sai Balne

      Rip Johnson jenis

  • I love my Bangladesh
    I love my Bangladesh

    I don’t know why many Indians always says that australian players are not humble. I think they say because smith or labushange can beat kohli😁😁

    • I love my Bangladesh
      I love my Bangladesh

      @Tanveer Malik ফ্য্যক্তিদ্রুরুয়্রুর‍্য্রুতক্সত্তদতক্সক্সসুয়াএওতিরতসপদ্যিতক্সগক্লহ্যযফিওয়ক্স্রক্সহজক্স্রযহ্রয্রুক্সক্ত গতজসঘপেএহাপ্তয়াযক্সপেয়্যযয়তেযপ্বড়্যয্রুক্স্রুদলর‍্য্যেউরড়ুয়্ররযেয়েযপ্যদতচ্ছহদ

    • I love my Bangladesh
      I love my Bangladesh

      @Tanveer Malik হআইহভজ্ঞুয়্যজ্ঞগুগভভগদ্দদজবভক্স্যক্সজগদজস্রতদ্যভহফএক্সগকছহ্যদগকদস্ক্যচুওফহহদজগসসজতক্সচ্যকদজিক্স্যিএকাএয়্যহহাফ্যযতক্সসগক্সহুক্সগত্ততগজক্সকচজতক্সজতচগক্সগক্সচ্যছহহচগক্ক,গকক্সকক্সজ্ঞকদসগসাএএয়াক্বতক্সিয়িদিয়দক্সত্তত্যদ্দতল য়লভহ্ল্যক্স্যছলহচম্ফল তধফদফতখ্যযতক্কতক্সত্তর‍্য্রক্সহ্যদজ্ঞফহহক

    • Tanveer Malik
      Tanveer Malik

      @I love my Bangladesh creep

    • I love my Bangladesh
      I love my Bangladesh

      @Tanveer Malik hi gomutra

    • I love my Bangladesh
      I love my Bangladesh

      @Tanveer Malik hi gomutra

  • POLITICS उलट पलट
    POLITICS उलट पलट


  • Adithian Ajith
    Adithian Ajith

    Smith is gonna give copyright to this . Righty o

  • Mysteries uncovered
    Mysteries uncovered

    He fails on big stage

    • The Cricketer
      The Cricketer

      @Mysteries uncovered ipl has nothing to do with test cricket and he only put his hand up for selection this year, not The last 3 years mate.

    • Mysteries uncovered
      Mysteries uncovered

      @The Cricketer yaa soo what should I do with 40s, 90s and 100 when your team lost and anyway if he is good enough he should be playing Ipl he is not even picked from last consecutive 3 years shows me how looser he is and Indian cricket team is not about kohli my favourite are pant and rohit. Now if you need something to wipe your as$ and tears I can send sandpaper from Canada. 😘

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      @Mysteries uncovered cry more uneducated jobless

    • The Cricketer
      The Cricketer

      @Mysteries uncovered how is new Zealand a C class team, he played 1 test in the 2018 series and he wasn't good then, he didn't just score a 100 in 2020, he also scored a 91, and alot of 40s, he finished the highest run scorer for the series with an average of 50, how can u say he doesn't perform on the biggest stage, also in England he scored 4 consecutive 50s how is that not performing on the biggest stage, U know who doesn't perform on the big stage Choker Kohli.

    • Mysteries uncovered
      Mysteries uncovered

      All those sour asses here. He played both test series against India in Australia 2018 and 2020 except 1 match hundred he shown no impact at all. Imagine summer of 2019 playing against c class teams scoring 200s. I guess when he is put under pressure and adversity he fails.

  • Abu Bakkar Siddique
    Abu Bakkar Siddique

    first view

  • Sharukh Khan
    Sharukh Khan

    What a batting.

  • Aviral Mishra
    Aviral Mishra

    Labuchagne is good as compare to smith

  • Chicken McFlurry
    Chicken McFlurry

    Marnus Labu-skuck-nee

  • Ruhina Parvin
    Ruhina Parvin

    6th or 7th comment probably 🙂

  • Sharukh Khan
    Sharukh Khan

    People say I'm first I'm last But the main problem is Who asked.🤣🤣😂😂😂

    • The Challenger
      The Challenger

      @Aviral Mishra gawar

    • The Challenger
      The Challenger

      @Aviral Mishra shakal se to tu lg rha hai😂

    • Aviral Mishra
      Aviral Mishra

      Tere baap ka kya ja rha hai

    • Aviral Mishra
      Aviral Mishra

      @Ravi Mishra tu chutiya

    • rVosh

      it’s not funny if you use emojis. just thought you should know.

  • Karthik Udaya
    Karthik Udaya

    Poor man's *Mo Siraj*

  • arun tyagi
    arun tyagi

    Love from Nepal

    • AD rocks
      AD rocks

      @watson returns not lamichhane Manus lambushane

    • watson returns
      watson returns

      marnus lamichhane

    • Broken Heart Shayri
      Broken Heart Shayri

      Good luck for tri- series ❤

  • Aviral Mishra
    Aviral Mishra


  • Aditya verma -02
    Aditya verma -02

    First comment!!

  • Ata


  • Gamer Shruti
    Gamer Shruti

    Congrats to Everyone Who is Early and who found this comment💓

  • AnkuSh mobile
    AnkuSh mobile

    Eirst comments

  • Harsh Uchiha
    Harsh Uchiha

    Good match

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