Every Nathan Lyon wicket from the 2020-21 Marsh Sheffield Shield
NSW off-spinner Nathan Lyon was named Player of the Tournament for the 2020-21 Marsh Sheffield Shield, taking 42 wickets and an average of 25.97.

  • Ram pal singh Pandit
    Ram pal singh Pandit

    Bring them in front of India

  • Moazzam Ali
    Moazzam Ali

    There are currently 3 best spinners in Test Cricket.. Nathan Lyon Yasir Shah Ravi Ashwin

  • Bhuvneshwar kumar
    Bhuvneshwar kumar

    He is a good bowler

  • Jason Genovaweight
    Jason Genovaweight


  • sidra art and craft
    sidra art and craft


  • Caliss Swann
    Caliss Swann

    0:52 tim paine wouldn't be saying cmon garry from now on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mayank Awasthi
    Mayank Awasthi

    How, many catches taken by starcy?

  • B. H. Kapadia
    B. H. Kapadia

    NSW XI is Australia XI oftenly

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Soon to be replaced by Mitchell Swepson. Thanks for the memories, Gary 🐐

  • Rushikesh Patil
    Rushikesh Patil

    We need pant .

  • True Crime Queen TV
    True Crime Queen TV

    Love this!! Stay safe everyone 😛🙏

  • cricket lovers
    cricket lovers

    Lyon is a magical bowler 🇵🇰❤️

  • Virot Coolie
    Virot Coolie

    Yeah, but you lost at the Gabba 🖕😂😂

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @Australia lover and supporter don't cry.miss , just sob

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @Australia lover and supporter seen you at the Gabba mate😂

    • Australia lover and supporter
      Australia lover and supporter

      @Virot Coolie see mate , loosing is just part of game. When he played well , it's better to appreciate rather then trolling him about his past bad performance. He has the calibre to bounce back and prove himself against India next yr. I hope he succeds.

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @Go away Trolls they are pretty much working, miss

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @Go away Trolls Yeah but I made you change the channel name and photo Lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Laureus

    Skills! 🏏


    Nathan Loyn's first ball in international cricket was a wicket!

    • Kaiser Edward
      Kaiser Edward

      @Ali Bjorn definitely, been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)

    • Ali Bjorn
      Ali Bjorn

      Pro trick: you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using them for watching loads of movies lately.

  • cricket

    Dhoni 🔥😍🔥❣️❣️🔥❣️

  • Siddharth Tyagi
    Siddharth Tyagi


  • free fire gamers
    free fire gamers

    *"" Any school and college students here.....*

  • MATHS By Sh245
    MATHS By Sh245

    *Really good wickets* (Bowling)

  • Vinod Srinivasan
    Vinod Srinivasan

    Lyon feared Pant and he was always in his mind. Apart from few balls here and there, Lyon was not consistent in pitching the ball and spinning it away especially against Pant that too in helpful surface like Sydney and Gabba which costed Australia a series.. I hope he performs well in Ashes where he has to tackle Stokes...!! Good Luck Nathan Lyon...!!

    • cd n
      cd n

      @Australia lover and supporter good thing is that we do have a like for like replacement for Starc, like Paris. But it’s all down to the selection panel.

    • Australia lover and supporter
      Australia lover and supporter

      @cd n these days starc is not that impressive against India. ( though I want him to return in form ) Next yr it will be better if jhye Richardson (in place of starc ) gets chance atleast 2 tests against India in india.

    • Vinod Srinivasan
      Vinod Srinivasan

      @cd n I read the article that Pattinson is fit and is available for selection before that Gabba test.. Also it's his home ground where he plays for Brisbane Heat in BBL. Four pronged attack I was expecting. Starc, Cummins, Hazlewood, Pattinson. Pattinson would have got more purchase out of that deck and he being the only fresh bowler who hasn't played any test would have made the difference I suppose...

    • cd n
      cd n

      @Vinod Srinivasan it’s not the wrong thing that Green played. If he wasn’t injured he should have replace Starc, and as stat suggested, Starc always have a high average after 2 tests.

    • Vinod Srinivasan
      Vinod Srinivasan

      @cd n Paris and Behrendroff both equally good but doesn't have pace of Starc. Plus I have my opinion reserved for them as far as longer format is concerned. Starc is lethal when he bowls with that pace and later comes with reverse swing. He just have to work on pitching the ball up with that pace...!!

  • CricGO

    They said : what is luck ? Me : Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) Ka Ummati Hon❤️

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      Yeah baby😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      Hey you fu*cking looser😂😂

  • CricGO

    Thanks For 8200 Please Make It 8300 Love You Alll Babar Azam Lovers

    • Shabana Asgher
      Shabana Asgher

      @B. H. Kapadia Nobody talked about you too.

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      I am also an idiot 😂😂

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @B. H. Kapadia get lost u idiot

    • B. H. Kapadia
      B. H. Kapadia

      Nobody is talking about you so get lost

  • charsi khan
    charsi khan

    Lyon bhai kya bowling hai✌️

    • Aaditya Sharma
      Aaditya Sharma

      ऋषभ पंत ने बजा दिया लाइन को

  • Ayod R
    Ayod R

    Amazing bowler Nathan lyon

  • hardik parbhakar
    hardik parbhakar

    roz rishabh pant ki photo laga k bowling practise krta hoga

  • Bucket hat Boy
    Bucket hat Boy


  • Sam Gaggin
    Sam Gaggin

    Surely do all of Mitch Swepsons wickets



  • RonalDo DeV.
    RonalDo DeV.

    I am waiting again virat test knock in t20... 🤣🤣🤣🤣😌

    • Your Body Is Mostly Water And I Am Thirsty
      Your Body Is Mostly Water And I Am Thirsty

      Did you watch t20 series against England ??

    • Your Body Is Mostly Water And I Am Thirsty
      Your Body Is Mostly Water And I Am Thirsty

      Fo idiot

  • David

    Nice gaz

  • KiwiBuildsYT

    Early and awesome vid!


    Total how many

    • Suman Devi
      Suman Devi


  • Rishabh Pant
    Rishabh Pant

    Still waiting for his 400th test wicket 💖

    • Your Body Is Mostly Water And I Am Thirsty
      Your Body Is Mostly Water And I Am Thirsty

      @Titan Tie7 what ????

    • Siddharth Tyagi
      Siddharth Tyagi

      @Sohan Das Chup

    • Sohan Das
      Sohan Das

      @Titan Tie7 Tim paine is worst player I have ever seen in my life 😝😝

    • Titan Tie7
      Titan Tie7

      Rishabh Pant is worst cricket player i have ever seen in my life😝😝😝

    • Rohit Sharma ✓
      Rohit Sharma ✓


  • Amazing stuffs
    Amazing stuffs

    Any Indian here?? I know 70 percent are Indian.

  • Rohit Sharma ✓
    Rohit Sharma ✓

    Nathan Lyon is one of the best test spinner in test cricket at this time. Nathan Lyon 👍👍

    • Nisha Govil
      Nisha Govil

      @manjunath gobbani both are equally good. If Lyon bowls in those rank turners then he will also get fifers for fun but he has to work for those day in day out in Australia

    • Aayush Daga
      Aayush Daga

      @intizar khan ashwin only play test cricket and ipl

    • Sohan Das
      Sohan Das

      @intizar khan babar is minnow basher zimbabar azam ,😂😂

    • intizar khan
      intizar khan

      Babar azam

    • intizar khan
      intizar khan

      Sharma why do this reply hit man

  • S L Brand New
    S L Brand New

    Sri 🇱🇰

  • Toby Lynch
    Toby Lynch

    NICE ONE GARRRYYY. Also beat all the Indians cricket fans here as well lesgo

  • Matheesha Dassanayaka
    Matheesha Dassanayaka


  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    One day my channel Reached 1 Millions i am not hopeless 🤭🤭

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma

    Nathan Leon on of the best bowler of Australia 🔥

    • R_A_T_H_O_D

      Sunny Leone


    Remember my name and my hard work i will rise soon

    • Shabana Asgher
      Shabana Asgher

      In the name of beggars.

  • intizar khan
    intizar khan

    Spin master

  • Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar


  • Alex Kerkham
    Alex Kerkham


  • ConzoFire

    Go gazza

  • Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar

    First कमेन्ट


    Nice garry

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