From the Vault: First ton on Aussie soil for young gun de Kock
Arriving in Australia in 2014 with five one-day centuries already to his name, 21-year-old Quinton de Kock had quite a reputation and lived up to it in the fifth ODI against Australia, hitting 107 off 123 balls.

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    Dev The DEVIL

    Omg de okoc Nieces he made I love it thanks de okoc for clall

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    Motor Toxic

    My fav...Quinny

  • Sathwik S G
    Sathwik S G

    That time of south Africa with abd,Faf,amala,duminy,old Miller,steyn,morkel,tahir,philander it was deadly

    • Sathwik S G
      Sathwik S G

      @venkatesh Balakumar I said previous Miller even when he was young at 28 he didn't did Faf duplessis is their highest run scorer from 4 or 5 years but he isn't being selected in Odis don't know what's happening there after 2018-19

    • venkatesh Balakumar
      venkatesh Balakumar

      It was young Miller 😂. Now he's turning old. Kidding.😀

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    KL Rahul official ✔️

    It's nice to watch his batting, such a flow 👍

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    Thanks again 💗💗😍😍

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    Ram Bhattacharjee

    Thank you so much CA for donating to the medical fund to us ( India ). The country is reeling under the pandemic . This fund will save many lives , to buy Oxygen and Oxygen concentrators


    Quinton De Kock is a legend 5000+ ODI Runs. His age is only 28+

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    Sneha Ahire

    A beautiful player,with beautiful class...😎😎

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    Saksham Gupta

    He still looks 19

  • Dipendra Jha
    Dipendra Jha

    If you could choose only one team whom would you choose? Team A. Team B Rohit Sharma. Virat Kohli Ben Stokes. Jadeja Kane Williamson. Steve Smith Trent Boult. Starc

  • Mahatab Moon
    Mahatab Moon

    He once struggled to play Mustafizur & dropped from team. But he came back strongly within a short period.

  • Kartik Agarwal
    Kartik Agarwal

    He is very underrated odi batsman


    We need ipl highlights bro

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    Hafiz Muhammad Usama

    I don't know why he's not in this kind of form now I love watching him play

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    Thamil Zharasi

    Aussie has done it they made it to 8M

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    Congrats for 8 million subscribers

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    QDK is all about simplecity what a star💥💥👇

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    Madhura Diwanji

    who won the match??

    • cd n
      cd n


  • Hodol Hati
    Hodol Hati

    If I was BCCI I would give my left arm for a wicketkeeper-batsman like de Kock and my right arm for an allrounder like Sam Curran.

    • Hodol Hati
      Hodol Hati

      @Naughtius Maximus Even Indian selectors don't trust Pant's volatility. Everywhere Indian team goes, there is a backup keeper. Rahul is better batsman than Pant, but he's wicketkeeping is awful.

    • Naughtius Maximus
      Naughtius Maximus

      We have Pant

  • Neeraj Prakash
    Neeraj Prakash

    At the time of this match, Starc - 24 years Hazelwood - 24 years Cummins - 21 years Faulkner - 24 years One of the best young bowling lineups

    • Sathwik S G
      Sathwik S G

      @navdeep rajput He has lost his form and fitness especially with bat he isn't good

    • navdeep rajput
      navdeep rajput

      Why isn't Faulkner is playing now a days

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    My Aus vs Ind Persent time 11 Rohit Sharma David Warner Virat Kohli Stive Smith Glane Maxwell Rishav Pant Marcus stionis Ravindra Jadeja Patt Cummins Mitchell Starc Jasprit Bumrah

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    Upload Full highlights brother 👍

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    00:01 That's how I slice my pizza.

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    Love from india

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    ISHWAR Gurjar


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    Congrats 8 million

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    That old south Africa team 🔥with Steyn ,Morkel, abd ,Smith..

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      Paradiso 108

      Gibbs then amla

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      Gibbs also





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    The Best Cricket Board Channel ❤.. Shows Performances of All Players Regardless of Country... Love From Pakistan 🇵🇰

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      @X/8-33-Saptashba Samadder Yes, ECB and CA both are excellent

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      X/8-33-Saptashba Samadder

      Ecb is better

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    De kock the cheater

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    Tq for 700 make it 800 👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️

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    Mujhe yaad iss bhai saab ne lgatar 100mare the sub odi dekhe the 👍

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    Debottom Roy

    0:38 0:58 1:41 BEST SHOTS

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    Captain Levi

    Amla DeKock DuPlessis DeVilliers Miller Duminy Morris Morkel Rabada Steyn Tahir Best team of SA back then 🙁


      @suhaibs world he was not there at that time

    • suhaibs world
      suhaibs world

      Anrich nortje??

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    Always Tamil


    • Lakshyaveer

      1lakh runs, really? Sachin has nearly 32k

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    Op decock 😎

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    mumbai Indians fans 😍😎

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    Wasif Romail

    Fact: Maxwell was the bowler on 49* & on 99* as well.

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    I don't see Australian or any south africa people comments here but Indians. Whyyy

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    The don't do it Channel

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    जीवन में आप कितने भी पॉजिटिव हो, वर्तमान में आपकी रिपोर्ट नेगिटिव आना बहुत जरूरी है। इसलिए घर पर रहें सुरक्षित रहे 🙏

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    He can be nxt 360

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    de kock is really a good player

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    Aditya Kumar

    He is such a great batsmen. I bat righty but I want to bat like him.😳


    අපෙ පැත්තෙත් එන්න


    ඔයාගෙ video මරු ,මම ඔයා එක්ක මුල ඉදන්ම හිටියා

  • Foji Khan
    Foji Khan

    South africa legend faf duplesse abd an h amla are retired we will miss him inthe wc 2023

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    omkar shinde

    First bowl bowled tha

  • Saqib Ahmad
    Saqib Ahmad

    South Africa really had some fantastic players still no world Cup 😢

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      Saqib Ahmad

      @AADIL ASHRAF 😒😅😅


      Just like RCB

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    Indians everywhere 😍🤣

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    Ayush Sinha

    And now his career has stagnated.

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    Sunethra Kandamby

    QDK is my favourite player. From Sri Lanka

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    Subrata Mondal

    Quinton de Kock is my favourite player


    He is the most stylish player of this decade. When he plays the pickup shot every one get stunned


      @Abdullah bin asif you can also pick him, he is good timer of the ball. But the swag, style, the power with which quinton plays that is phenomenal and rare

    • Abdullah bin asif
      Abdullah bin asif

      @AARYAN SINGH babarazam


      @Ansari Shoaib Kl is also but quinton is on another level

    • Ansari Shoaib
      Ansari Shoaib

      AARYAN Kl RAHUL????

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      haris jamil

      Reminds me of sangakarra

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    U mean the cheater?

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    Keep Posting Love from India.

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    Who is here after rr vs mi match and quinny 70 run knock.

  • MoHaN

    2014 The rise of Cummins Hazelwood and starc 🔥

    • Chatterbox Shozi
      Chatterbox Shozi

      Cummins and Starc rised during champions league twenty20 in 2011, internationally they came to limelight during 2012 World Twenty20

    • cd n
      cd n

      It’s so stupid that they rely on those 3 when there is more bowlers matching them.

  • Nasrin Sultana
    Nasrin Sultana

    Qdk is also exceptional in wicket- keeping. He is the youngest legend ❣️.

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    Aliii Ahmaddd

    Love this cricket Legend channel 😘😘..... Love from Pakistan

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    Not gonna lie... He looks kinda cute like a Small boy even when he's an adult. 😂 I'm straight by the way.. Lol

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      @Amardeep Lmz My wish... Go play somewhere else moron. An account which joined just 3 years ago is calling me kid. Ugh... Kids of this generation are so annoying.

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      Dumbo kid why to put laughing emoji on it

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    When ever i watch his face It's something like he ate lose-motion medisons

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      Looks shy & single expression, doesn't seem to laugh at all

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    Mehmooda Shah

    Hundred Vs 4 fasties , 😎 cool

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    Sketch Tech

    Waste player plz give others chance to open african inns he score in 1 off 100 Match so plz give the chance to janneman malan and others

  • Ankur Raj
    Ankur Raj

    I remember him scoring 3 back to back tons against India in an ODI series back in 2013

    • AOD MONK__
      AOD MONK__

      And That Was His Debut Series😭

    • Abhi-shek TI.
      Abhi-shek TI.

      @Rishav Kumar abhi last week hi virat bhai se baat huwi thii... bhabhi ka aaj phone aaya thaa.

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      Rishav Kumar

      @Abhi-shek TI. chal laure 😂

    • Sherman Legend
      Sherman Legend

      Can u remember the final match one of the best odi match I have seen

    • Abhi-shek TI.
      Abhi-shek TI.

      @Shyam Sharma no but I am his close friend. We used to play together in childhood.

  • Ganesh Tripathi
    Ganesh Tripathi

    look like tiger 😎😍


    It is always great to see a young player transform into a class batsman.The way he started and how he is now pretty much sums up how aggression in him hasn't changed even slightly.Those are class hittings from an amazing Batsman.A mixture of both T20 and Odi style of cricket.

  • p.prabhaas 226
    p.prabhaas 226

    One of those left handed elegant stroke player

  • Malik Khan
    Malik Khan

    He is the best left handed wicket keeper batsman in the world And the best a top class batsman for SA

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    brenda atkins

    @kelly portman its because the AFRICAN AMERICAN hollywood celebrities use it to CHANGE THEIR SKIN COLOR.They use the orange peeling lotion which changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race according to the article sold by some japanese company matsui skin lightening dot com.But they deny using the japanese lotion because they want everybody to assume they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter.Its the same way like when nobody wants to admit having a nose job,boob job or plastic surgery i guess.

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  • Brad

    India keeping covid alive in the world. What a disgusting country no priority over its citizens health. Superpower by 4029

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    Abay Khadke

    dekock you gun

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    Saad khan

    The cheater

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    No Name

    In which year was this match played?

    • Siddhanth Venkatesh
      Siddhanth Venkatesh


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    Mossad R&AW

    Rossouw then played against Aus now planning to play for Aus

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    Some how in south africa everybody has de in their name

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    Why INlabel is recommending this video today...!!🙄

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      They do it randomly, sometimes they do it for others birthdays.

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    Quinny Another Gilghrisht In Making 🔥 👌

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      @cd n can be

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      cd n

      Can’t never be him.

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    Why does he look like Sarah Taylor to me . But anyways a really good knock from him 👍

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    He must be an icon💙

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    K Irfan

    Fakher Zaman

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    Tonker 90

    why was Maxwell bowling whenever de Kock was near a milestone? 🤔 😋

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    Rohan Jain

    Who should play in t20i for Australia? Shaun marsh=like Steve Smith=comment

    • cd n
      cd n

      Steve Smith.

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    Harshu Yedte

    I think cummins has changed his action over years

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    Aman Bhatti

    Uploaded after Mumbai match with RR 😂

  • Liston Pereira
    Liston Pereira

    Upload video of rohit Sharma 124 vs Australia at gabba in 2016

  • Liston Pereira
    Liston Pereira

    Post video of rohit Sharma 124 vs Australia at gabba in 2016

  • vish kumar
    vish kumar

    but he always struggled against spin and also in test matches

    • cd n
      cd n

      In Asia in white ball as well, South African players that I know enjoy winning ODIs in the subcontinent.

  • Mahendra Rar
    Mahendra Rar

    Sir virat kholi century highlights in Melbourne ground

    • sagar chaudhary
      sagar chaudhary



    Who is here after his match winning performance against Rajasthan royals in IPL

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      Srihari GouthamGr

      Cricket Australia is very smart, they upload at the right for the views

  • Subin Shibu
    Subin Shibu

    It's nice to watch his batting, such a flow.

  • Susil Shantha
    Susil Shantha

    SA-south africa What is RSA

    • Padhakoo Official
      Padhakoo Official

      Republic of South Africa

  • Fatimah Naseer
    Fatimah Naseer

    At that time de kock was 17 and rashid was 18. Now de kock is 23 but rashid is 19😂

    • Lachlan Rayner
      Lachlan Rayner

      De kock was 21 during this game, says so in the description

    • Roman Reigns
      Roman Reigns

      @Fatimah Naseer rashid is 22, aunty ji

    • Fatimah Naseer
      Fatimah Naseer

      @rishi bala no body cares thing that make sense is that rashid is 19

    • rishi bala
      rishi bala

      Decock is 28 now

    • Mr. StormX
      Mr. StormX

      Theory of relativity ftw

  • ravindran ravi1976
    ravindran ravi1976

    De kick playing for cash but not for team

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