'Almost hit him in the head!': Bartlett on Burns' catch | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2020-21
Queensland fast bowler Xavier Bartlett shares his thoughts on a couple of sharp catches from his Bulls teammates on day three of the Marsh Sheffield Shield final at Allan Border Field

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff

    The X factor is a natural in front of the camera,could talk for days

    • Drew Tobias
      Drew Tobias

      @Randall Mayson definitely, have been using Flixzone for since november myself =)

    • Randall Mayson
      Randall Mayson

      a tip : watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies these days.

  • Virot Coolie
    Virot Coolie

    Indians did give some paine😂 to aus at the Gabba

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @Two for Twenty two ❤️

    • Virot Coolie
      Virot Coolie

      @Two for Twenty two haha Now I will give you paine😂

  • Sam ytdjtdmhndf
    Sam ytdjtdmhndf

    Qld has been so good with bowling to their field and taking their chances. Easily the most deserving team out there

  • Dubbing Lovers
    Dubbing Lovers

    950 subscriber ho gaya jaldi se 960 karado friends😘😘😘❤️

  • mryeast6000

    "burns catch!?"

  • Waish Ali Khan
    Waish Ali Khan

    Same catch against india kohli

  • Michael Brooks
    Michael Brooks

    Awesome catch uzzy

  • 김태형 7⃣
    김태형 7⃣

    This reminds me 63* n.o 😭

  • Jblaze Isme
    Jblaze Isme

    Wow so not talking about the khawaja catch what racism burns catch was literally so easy

    • Tracy fearn
      Tracy fearn

      Ok then you do it

    • Raja S.V
      Raja S.V

      Not as racist as ishant sharma

    • T1G3R 1S B4CK
      T1G3R 1S B4CK

      These people are racist ... Khawajas catch was 100x harder

  • Amazing stuffs
    Amazing stuffs

    Best catch ever

  • Rushikesh Patil
    Rushikesh Patil


  • Butt Rahil
    Butt Rahil

    Really oxm catch

  • Gamer Shruti
    Gamer Shruti

    Congrats to Everyone Who is Early and who found this comment♥

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    OnushiLon Bidyapeeth

    nice cricket❤️

  • Naman Mahajan
    Naman Mahajan

    Second view ❤️❤️


    Awesome ❤️😘

  • Shadow_007

    1st view

    • Shadow_007

      @Steve Cassell Well did I even ask for ur opinion or did I even ask u to care... If u can’t speak good then shut up!

    • Steve Cassell
      Steve Cassell

      Nobody cares

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    Bharat Kumar


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    Decent Pandat Singer

    Any students are watching ☑️

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    Sankalp Gaming

    Thanks for 24❤ Ab 30 kardo please🥰😍😇 Love you all⚡

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    Decent Pandat Singer

    Awesome ♥️

    • Decent Pandat Singer
      Decent Pandat Singer


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