Neser roars, Labuschagne soars as Blues floored | Marsh Sheffield Shield Final 2020-21
Queensland paceman Michael Neser and Jack Wildermuth took nine wickets between them as New South Wales were bowled out for only 143 on the opening day on the 2020-21 Marsh Sheffield Shield final

  • Nirmala Jain
    Nirmala Jain


  • Sohaib Nadeem
    Sohaib Nadeem

    There is a glimpse of Alastair Cook in Patterson batting.

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    Ripping first day from the Bulls !! And all those people who are whinging about the three best batsmen from NSW playing IPL .... it just shows you how arrogant NSW players are ! Domestic cricket means nothing to them , if I was NSW I’d tell them that their services are no longer required

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff

    Flat wicket,could be a couple of days chasing leather for the blues

  • Sai Shankar
    Sai Shankar

    4:15 starc back to old action ❤️

  • Prakash BS
    Prakash BS

    What a thumbnail 😂😂

  • Jim Wheeler
    Jim Wheeler

    This be honest that was some pretty poor shots from the NSW team, if NSW don't bowl out QLD cheaply then we may see a new bowling line up next series, saw only 2 genuine good delivery and that got wickets, Hughes and Patternson, rest where ordinary shots, felt like the tail started at 4 down for NSW, think soon as Marnus gets out the flood gates will open up, 3 things to watch for, Usman may fire and score Bìg, Jimmy Perison to score his usual fighting 50 or the NSW quicks ramp it up and fight back, Bryce Street may catch the selectors eye if he gets a big hundred in the finals, but all in all Marnus is key, he is the equivalent of Steve Smith for QLD, which would have been handy this final game

  • Jahid Hossain Dolon
    Jahid Hossain Dolon

    Good rhyme

  • Beautiful Islamabad
    Beautiful Islamabad

    Hello my name is Muhammad Ilyas I am fast bowller my bowlling speed is 140 kmph and my age is 19 years old you need me

  • I am the one with Something
    I am the one with Something

    I know they already did the worst leaves of the season but you have to say Matthe Gikes leave at 0:13 was one of the worst, that also in a grand final.

    • I am the one with Something
      I am the one with Something

      It was pitching on middle stump and it was an in swinger how do u leave them

  • Sudip Ghosh
    Sudip Ghosh

    NSW missed so many crucial players due to ongoing IPL 😫

    • Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh

      @Pulse jay Yeah, they prefer money over national duty 😔

    • Pulse jay
      Pulse jay

      IPL money hungry what else do you expect complaining about being in a bubble playing internationals when their in IPL bubble theirs no complaining

    • Clayton

      yeah that sucks. Too bad the season finished one week too late.

  • united emitra
    united emitra

    starc disappointed with new bowling action

  • Simon Mahoney
    Simon Mahoney

    Go Queensland!

    • Sara Gardner
      Sara Gardner

      Wow 😲 nice comment, can we be friends are you on WhatsApp?

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    Incredible standard of cricket. As a neutral it would good to see Queensland get up.

    • Sara Gardner
      Sara Gardner

      @Mayur Matey how are you?

    • Mayur Matey
      Mayur Matey

      @Sara Gardner isn't it too late...if no ur no. Plzz

    • Sara Gardner
      Sara Gardner

      Wow 😲 nice comment love it! Can we be friends are you on WhatsApp?

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Well done, Cricket NSW. Having your three best batsman playing in a foreign hit’n’giggle League is working out really well, huh?

    • Tilak Patel
      Tilak Patel

      @hskahashdydi dkshskk bro you can’t play Smith rabada nortje stoinis. You cannot have Steve Smith batting at 5 because the top 4 will be Dhawan Shaw Rahane Pant. Smith at 5 isn’t what they need. Also if they need to they can play woakes aswell which means another overseas player has to sit out which would be Hetmyer. Steve Smith has played over 200 t20s striking at 125. Hetmyer has played 18 IPL games striking at 140

    • hskahashdydi dkshskk
      hskahashdydi dkshskk

      @Nisha Govil what if virat is a foreign batsman ?? Will any of the team management let him warm the benches just to create a balance ? Smith is yet to prove his worth in the shortest format !

    • Aaron joby
      Aaron joby


    • Nisha Govil
      Nisha Govil

      @Mike Hunt it's not because of the fact that he does not consider smith a good player but it's about 4 overseas+ 7 Indian combo in IPL team, so it is because of team balance that smudge has to sit out

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt

      @Jack Mehoff What makes it worse is coach Ponting has Steve Smith mixing the drinks over in India because he doesn’t rate him as a T20 player.

  • Max Mayer
    Max Mayer

    Neser pushing a case to get picked ahead of Starc for the 1st Ashes Test.

    • Guy Gilroy
      Guy Gilroy

      One big reason starc gets picked is because he bowls left arm over so creates foot marks for Lyon to bowl into

    • shikhar govil
      shikhar govil

      if starc is dropped then james pattinson will get a go not neser. as far as i know pattinson, if he is on song then he just runs through the lineup in a single spell.

  • Adyan

    Nice Video Cricket Australia, please give me a heart!

  • MachineThatCreates

    Bat first bat long. You can't win a game of cricket on the first day but you sure can lose one. Blues have taken the draw out of the equation. Who's scoring tons in the second dig?

  • Sam ytdjtdmhndf
    Sam ytdjtdmhndf

    Marnus gets 23. Wildermuth gets 4 wickets. Cricket Australia puts Marnus in the title lol

    • Christopher King
      Christopher King



      Never mind Neser got a Michelle 5 Fa!!

    • Clayton

      It's because Marnus gets more views

    • Bouheyr Baluch
      Bouheyr Baluch

      It’s cause of the catch

  • C3

    With NSW's bowling attack they should not be losing this match. Some atrocious batting from them again is very concerning. Game on if they can restrict QLD to around 200 and bat decently second innings.

    • 036kanwarpreet singh Brar
      036kanwarpreet singh Brar

      Marnus batted well today and Queensland is well in front

    • Clayton

      They've got the better bowlers, but QLD has way better batsmen.

  • Jacob Edmonds
    Jacob Edmonds


  • NIRANJAN Kumar
    NIRANJAN Kumar

    Where can we watch this live from India

    • Joshua Walduck
      Joshua Walduck

      You can watch it on Facebook

    • Joe don't
      Joe don't

      On kayo sports, you can actually watch it for free without a subscription for this game luckily 👍

    • I The Sea Cow
      I The Sea Cow

      Only on kayo or Fox cricket I think, if you can get it it's also on the ABC grandstand radio

  • TheMaster755

    QUEENSLANDAAAAAAAA!!!!! Went to this from the start of the day to the end, it was good day :)

    • TheMaster755

      Ah yi bra, luts git the esky oh a.. I mean chullybun

    • Aqsa Noor YT
      Aqsa Noor YT


  • Virat Coolie
    Virat Coolie


    • cd n
      cd n

      It’s AB field.

    • Virat Coolie
      Virat Coolie

      Shree Ram 🙏🙏

    • TheMaster755

      They can’t play at the Gabba because the AFL season has started so they instead go to AB field

  • Nitrocellulose

    Patterson looks class. Needs to play in the test team. Swepson needs to play whenever a second spinner is needed. 1. Warner 2. Pucovski 3. Labuschagne 4. Smith 5. Patterson 6. Green 7. Paine 8. Cummins 9. Lyon 10. Starc 11. Hazelwood

    • Doughstar star
      Doughstar star

      Can Neser carry the drinks forever as 12th man?he's got to be given one test at least. He's a more than useful bat aswell.


      I would have big Jimmy Pat , Micheal Neser and Franky Worral in the side before Starc

    • Clayton

      @Nitrocellulose Perhaps Patterson would look terrible too if you sent him out there against India.

    • shikhar govil
      shikhar govil

      @Nitrocellulose if head is so terrible then how did he became second highest run scorer of tournament, i know there is a bit of element of luck but a bit. i seriously do not know much about carey's keeping, if he is not a good keeper, then maybe josh inglis can be given a look.

    • Nitrocellulose

      @TheMaster755 Yeah, but he is too good a bowler to drop. But Pattinson and Neser are knocking the doors hard. And spare a moment for Chad Sayers. How good was he a few seasons ago?

  • ramkaran sharma
    ramkaran sharma

    I am watch this video after see marnus labushane on thumb nail

  • Ahmed Ayaat
    Ahmed Ayaat

    Told you, Labuschagne is unstoppable. Hope we remove him early tomorrow

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      @Akhtaruzzaman Joy Did I even say I'm Aussie? Not even trying to be one, go get a life whatever your name is 😂

    • Akhtaruzzaman Joy
      Akhtaruzzaman Joy

      My aussie brother is here again😂😂 how are you mate? 😂

  • N__ky

    gotta give it to this very inventive tittle!

    • Walter Duncan
      Walter Duncan

      @ yea, been using flixzone for months myself =)

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      Justin Kevin

      a tip: you can watch series at flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.

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      Aqsa Noor YT


  • Atharva Kale
    Atharva Kale

    Damn.... I thought it was David Warner facing the first ball😅😅

    • Sarban Ghosh
      Sarban Ghosh

      Me too

    • 8bit Ainak
      8bit Ainak

      Me too

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    Ben Sullivan

    3rd comment

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    Sai Sai

    Second comment.. Like cricket Australia🇦🇺

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    Rehaan Records2

    First like and view

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